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We started the process of tokenization of agricultural commodities under our Cropto brand in 2022, and now proceed to the next stage.


Thanks to the crypto currency technology and ecosystem that considerably grew in recent years in the world and this country, now we have a meaningful alternative to the centralized monetary system bearing fruits for the mankind in the long run. The countries governed by the centralized monetary system made a number of wrong decisions having tremendous impact on the global economy before and after the Great Recession 2008.  We have nothing but the blockchain technology and systems to be produced by wise people against the high inflation, high debts, global crisis and regional battles we were thrown in by these wrong decisions. The systems in question are developed step by step, but the steps taken in the last 15 years were mostly related with the internal dynamics of the blockchain ecosystem. As from early 2023, however, some conglomerates began to support the search for alternatives to the centralized monetary system. JP Morgan and Citibank, of which BlackRock fund is a partner, announced that they would start tokenize assets this year. This process will soon turn real assets worth trillions of US$ in the world into digital and crypto format and redefine them on blockchains.

AgriFintech A.Ş. started to tokenize agricultural products in 2022 under its Cropto brand in accordance with the expanding trend mentioned above, and now we are in the next stage. This year we ensured our 3 Cropto tokens for wheat, barley, corn and hazelnut to be traded in the Uniswap exchange.

Soon we will add 15 additional Cropto agriculture tokens in this decentralized exchange for investors and merchants. We aim to develop other new products in the future and to become the leader of the agricultural blockchain at local and global level with the help of the said products and the agricultural product tokenization we started in the last year.

We prayed a lot and put our clean good faith forward to wish to enjoy the fruits of these works sooner. Our young teams contributed and are contributing their efforts and knowledge. They gave support to agricultural workers and farmers with their software applications. I am looking forward to enjoy the results of these two productive works. That’s all I wish and desire.

With my best regards,

Cemil Şinasi Türün
Head of the Advisory Board

AgriFintech Financial Technologies Inc.
CROPTO Trademark

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