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Unique and reliable way to invest in agricultural commodities


Cropto Tokens, the first agricultural asset-based tokens not only in Turkey but in a wide region stretching from Europe to Asia, offer a new generation reliable way to invest in agriculture, with agricultural products stored in secure and audited warehouses in return.
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Cropto Wheat Token Supply: 587.000

The amount of agricultural products stored in the warehouses corresponds to kg.

Cropto Barley Token Supply: 202.000

The amount of agricultural products stored in the warehouses corresponds to kg.

Cropto Corn Token Supply: 202.000

The amount of agricultural products stored in the warehouses corresponds to kg.

Cropto hazelnut Token
Cropto Hazelnut Token Supply: 10.000

The amount of agricultural products stored in the warehouses corresponds to kg.

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All you need to invest in wheat and other agricultural products is Cropto.

Cropto Tokens are the very first digital currency for agricultural products in the history of mankind. We carry such indispensible commodities as wheat, corn, barley and hazelnut which are of strategic importance in international trade, to blockchain through the Cropto Tokens, and present their means of transparent and decentralized transfer of assets to the agricultural industry and this investment opportunity to you.
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The Cropto trust and safety are introduced to the crypto currency industry.

Cropto is a financial investment instrument providing the value of trust based on agricultural commodities. Cropto is created in a blockchain technology-based platform and is ready to add value to your investment.  Providing a concrete value thanks to its nature based on an asset, Cropto covers wheat, corn, barley, hazelnut and other major products. Cropto Tokens are created by tokenizing agricultural products stored in safe, trustworthy and audited warehouses on a blockchain technology-based platform in terms of the location of the relevant warehouse, and type and quantity of the relevant agricultural product.
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The new generation means to invest in agriculture

Presented to you through blockchain technology, Cropto provides trustworthiness and transparency for investments in the agricultural industry. Each step of the investment process from warehousing and storing to sale can be monitored on the chain. This gives a great advance in terms of traceability and reliability of the products you invested in.

Safe, productive and accessible investment
in agricultural commodities.

Agricultural products dating back to the dawn of mankind are turned into investments for today and tomorrow through Cropto.

Tokens backed
by real assets

Thanks to being asset-backed tokens, they are collateralized by physical commodities.

Opportunity to trade 7/24 in agricultural commodities

The very first tokens backed by agricultural commodities in Turkey and a vast region from Europe to Asia, the Cropto Tokens enable you invest whenever and wherever you want and 7/24.

What you want to know about Cropto

What is a blockchain?
Blockchain is a digital ledger kept in decentralized, multiple copies, where data is recorded in blocks connected by chains in chronological order, mathematically encrypted and recorded in an immutable, secure, transparent and distributed manner.
What is a coin?
In the blockchain technology, a coin represents a crypto coin i.e. digital version of cash. Crypto coin is defined as a digital financial asset created by computer without needing a centralized authority like a bank or government. Coin refers to a digital currency existing on a blockchain like the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana blockchain networks.
What is a token and what is the difference between it and a coin?
Crypto currencies created on an existing blockchain network as opposed to its own blockchain network are called tokens. For example Bitcoin, Ether and Solana are crypto currencies created on their own blockchain networks named Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana respectively, but tokens are crypto currencies created in a certain format on any existing blockchain network like Ethereum, not on its own blockchain network.
What is an asset-backed token?
An asset-backed token is a digital currency using the blockchain technology. However, it is backed by a physical asset. In other words, it is a digital claim of right on a physical asset.
What are the similarities between Cropto and such stable coins as Tether and USDC?
Cropto Tokens are a digital currency based on agricultural commodities and created by using the blockchain technology. Before creating each Cropto Token in digital medium using the blockchain technology, an agricultural product is acquired from a reliable market using the formula 1 kg = 1 Token against that Token and is stored in a reliable, secure and audited warehouse. That Cropto Token is issued after the physical product is acquired. Stable coins like Tether, USDT and USDC are one step forward in terms of reliability in crypto currency markets, because they are crypto currencies created against such physical collateral as US$ reserve, government bond or other financial instruments and are indexed to the US$.  In summary, Cropto is similar to such crypto currencies as Tether and USDC because all of them are asset-backed.
How are the market prices of Cropto Tokens determined?
Market price of a Cropto Token is determined in relation with the price of the physical agricultural commodity acquired before creating it, and changes depending on the increase of the price of that commodity. Furthermore, international agricultural commodity prices may change depending on certain events on the basis of country or region. Therefore, market prices of Cropto Tokens are directly formed in relation with the prices of the physical agricultural commodities which back them.

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