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We are proud of presenting the CROPTO brand of agricultural commodity tokens to the local, regional, and international agricultural industry and economy and being the first business to do so in a vast region extending from Europe to Asia.


We are happy to have created the Cropto brand after working on the blockchain technology and token economy since 2020. I come from a family of farmers producing wheat, barley, corn, soya, rice and hazelnut for more than a 100 years in the Black Sea region of Türkiye. We are proud of creating the Cropto brand, uniting the most traditional industry i.e. agriculture with the blockchain technology which is the latest infrastructure and architecture developed by the information technology, presenting the Cropto brand of agricultural commodity tokens to the local, regional and international agricultural industry and economy, and being the first business to do so in a vast region extending from Europe to Asia.

The Cropto Agriculture Tokens, introduced as the very first agricultural commodity-based token in a vast region extending from Europe to Asia, owes its strength to physical agricultural products stored in safe, reliable and audited warehouses. Before creating each Cropto Token in digital medium using the blockchain technology, an agricultural product is physically bought from a reliable market. Then one token is created per one 1 kg agricultural product bought physically and stored in a safe, reliable and audited warehouse to finalize the token creation process. Prices of the Cropto Agriculture Tokens are determined in relation with the prices of agricultural products bought from reliable markets and stored in secure warehouses. Cropto Wheat Token, Cropto Barley Token, Cropto Corn Token and Cropto Hazelnut Token present a unique and reliable means to invest in agricultural products against wheat, barley, corn and hazelnut, which are the mostly produced grains in the world and which approximately date back to the first settlements in the world. They make agricultural products tradable between individuals as they were in the ages before the invention of money on the one hand, and tokenize the agricultural products physically stored idle in warehouses on the other hand to make them liquid in some way. We carry such indispensable commodities as wheat, corn, barley and hazelnut, which are of strategic importance in international trade, to blockchain through the Cropto Wheat Tokens, Cropto Barley Tokens, Cropto Corn Tokens and Cropto Hazelnut Tokens, and present their means of transparent and decentralized transfer of assets to the agricultural industry, and to you as an investment opportunity.

Cropto is a financial investment instrument providing the value of trust based on agricultural commodities. Providing a concrete value thanks to its nature based on an asset, Cropto is created by tokenizing wheat, corn, barley, hazelnut and other major agricultural products using the blockchain technology in the digital world. All you need to invest in agricultural products, especially wheat, corn barley and hazelnut is Cropto, so that we present a platform where any person can buy any amount, whether 1 kg (1 token) or 0.001 kg (0.0001 token), of wheat, barley corn or hazelnut any time anywhere. In addition to being a safe berth at the investments provided by the trustworthy stable coins like Tether, USDC, etc., Cropto enables investors to invest in agricultural products in an easy way and to earn as much as the agricultural commodity prices increase.

Coined from the English words crop and token, our registered brand Cropto provides a facility to make safe investments in agricultural products and adds trust and firmness into the world of crypto investments. We wish our Cropto Agriculture Tokens (i.e. Cropto Wheat, Cropto Barley, Cropto Corn, Cropto Hazelnut etc.), the very first agricultural asset-based token in Türkiye and a vast region extending from Europe to Asia, to be beneficial for all mankind, and assure you that I and my team will work hard in the trustworthy and firm growth of our Cropto brand.

With my best regards,

Demir Murat AKSOY

AgriFintech Financial Technologies Inc.
CROPTO Trademark

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