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Demir Aksoy
Demir Murat Aksoy was born in a farmer family in Samsun, one of the most important agricultural regions in Türkiye. His family has been cultivating such major agricultural products as wheat, corn, barley, rice and hazelnut for over 100 years. He graduated from the Computer Engineering Program of the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) in Ankara. Thereafter he got his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with high honors from University of Sheffield, considered one of the most respected universities in the U.K. and the world. He also studied executive high level management at CIO Academy, Said Business School, The University of Oxford. He also received a diploma and certificate of Executive Leadership and Strategy Management from Chartered Management Institute (CMI), England. He worked on and led major local and global digital transformation projects in banking, finance and telecommunication industries. Some of the projects he managed won the Corporate Transformation Project of the Year and the Digital Transformation Project of the Year from such major institutions as IDC. Demir Murat Aksoy was selected as CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the Year by CIO Magazine of the newspaper Dünya in 2018.

As from 2021, Demir Murat Aksoy focused especially on blockchain technology, tokeneconomy, tokenization, sectorial blockchain applications, and blockchain applications foragricultural products and continued to work with his dissertation entitled “Designing a token system for the agricultural industry using the blockchain technology: Turkish Agriculture Token System Application”. The CROPTO brand and project, uniting agriculture which is the most traditional industry with the blockchain technology providing a devastating and transforming impact and infrastructure for information technologies, aims to provide a different point of view and function to this country, this region and the world agriculture industry and economy. CROPTO brand of asset-backed agricultural commodity tokens, which are issued by creating digital projections of physical agricultural products on a oneon-one basis using the blockchain technology, enables people living in this country and elsewhere to invest in agricultural products in any amount and in any time. Demir Murat Aksoy and his team dedicate themselves to this project knowing and motivated by the fact that the CROPTO brand will provide immense added-value to the local and international agricultural industry and economy and continue to work hard.

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