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29 December 2023


Proof of Reserve Audit Report proves that Cropto Agriculture Tokens (Cropto Wheat, Cropto Barley, Cropto Corn and Cropto Hazelnuts) which are created and released by AgriFintech Financial Technologies Inc., owner of the registered trademark Cropto are based on real physical agricultural products, therefore indicates real world existence of real world assets, namely are represented by physical agricultural products which were supplied and securely stored.

As Cropto Agriculture Tokens, we have always emphasized that we have a reliable and transparent process in our journey of tokenization of physical agricultural products. Today, we have underlined this emphasis once again with the "2023 Proof of Reserve Audit Report" published on our website (https://www.cropto.io) and announced on our social media channels, and we have shown our investors that we are a reliable and transparent company. With the "Proof of Reserve Audit Report", which is an indication that the supply amounts of each token specified on the home page of our website (https://www.cropto.io) are represented in secure, contracted warehouses in the real world, you can have detailed and approved reliable data about your investments with peace of mind. you can view.

As Cropto Agriculture Tokens, we are taking firm steps forward with our investors, stakeholders and teammates in our safe sector journey; We will continue to transparently publish Proof of Reserve Audits of Cropto Agriculture Tokens carried out by independent auditor companies at the end of each fiscal quarter (at the end of March, June, September and December) in 2024.

Report Link

AgriFintech Financial Technologies Inc.
(Cropto Registered Trademark Owner)